1- Civil ID for citizens and residents.

2- Passport or travel document for persons not residing in the state of Kuwait.

3- Documents, papers  and court orders proving that a person has been appointed to represent concerned person.

4- Commercial license issued by the ministry for resident companies and entities and, in case of non-residents companies and entities documents issued by competent authorities in the state in which they were incorporated or established.

5- For clients not mentioned above, approved official identification documents attested by competent officials authorities or bodies that issue these documents.

1- Open a trade account in Kuwait Clearing Co.  (For client s without a trade No.).

2- Complete Al-Tijari financial brokerage unified account opening form, and provide the required documents.

3- Complete Al-Tijari financial brokerage online account form,  and provide the required documents.

You can request to withdraw a cash amount from your available portfolio balance by contacting customer services at 22901999. The client will receive the requested amount from customer services as a cheque issued by Kuwait Clearing Company.

Through the following :

1- Company Web Site (www.tijarifb.com).

2- Trading System on Computer (for download click here).

3- Smart devices application (IOS-Android).

1- Executing orders (Buy or sell).

2- Preview Client portfolio details such as (amount of shares and cash).

3- Preview spot market executed orders and prices from Boursa Kuwait, and please note that the client is responsible of any deficiency in his/her internet network.

4- Displays client order list, market orders and its current status.

5- Modify existing orders by amending the : (price, quantity, order validity, order cancellation).

6- Client can place orders valid for specific time period, and it will be automatically executed when the request becomes available at the required price and quantity.

1- Change your personal account password: You can change your password through entering your account, then this change requires entering your old password.

2- Change the confirmation code: Client can change the confirmation code to place commands, which requires entering the old trading confirmation code.

3- Features: This page provides several options to display market`s information, page refresh time, and the preferred method for notifications such as Email or SMS. 

4- Messages: This page allows client to send short messages to the webmaster to inform him with  your requirements. Also, this page contains all sent messages arranged according to sent date, you can also:

- Check the current status of the message (read/unread).

- Delete one message or several messages.

- Hide/show previously deleted messages.

- Open a specific Message and view its content.