CBK Brokerage aims to provide the best financial brokerage services, both locally and internationally, and aspires to build a long-term and fruitful relationship with our customers, in addition to keenness to provide suitable solutions that enable us to compete locally and globally.


CBK Brokerage has established modern standards for financial brokerage by providing trusted and reliable services in keeping the customer permanently updated with all new occurrences in the field of financial brokerage. 

Our mission is to provide our customers with the best brokerage services, helping them to increase and diversify their financial investments.


Integrity: In line with the international standards and the requirements of the Capital Markets Authority (CMA), CBK Brokerage adheres fully to the application of corporate governance rules as set forth in the CMA regulations, in order to establish sound management rules in all its activities.

Leadership: We strive to be the leading company in the field of financial brokerage services in the Local, Arab and International markets, through training and equipping our team to be able to provide highly-efficient services to our customers, thus building a long and fruitful relationship with them, in addition to our constant keenness to achieve their satisfaction.

Transparency and Credibility: CBK Brokerage seeks to instill, cultivate and apply a culture of adopting the code of ethics, along with a genuine interest in keeping an eye on the latest developments in the field of financial brokerage, in order to deliver high performance and create value over the long and short terms. We are also keen on effective supervision and governance.

Creativity and Innovation: CBK Brokerage communicates with the global financial markets in the context of striving to enhance its position by fostering creativity and innovation in the field, by means of creating an innovative and pioneering environment, based on creative individuals who seek to contribute to the development of electronic trading systems and follow up on the updates in the international markets.