About Al-Tijari?

CBK Brokerage Company (K.S.C - closed), owned at 93.55% by the Commercial Bank of Kuwait, which is one of the leading banks in Kuwait. CBK Brokerage was established on 2nd December 1984 and is one of the oldest and firmly established financial brokerage firms in Boursa Kuwait, with an experienced team that constantly strives to keep abreast of developments, enhancements and explore in the field of finance and investment, and to provide our client with exceptional services.

Why Al-Tijari?

Excellent Customer Service: Stemming from a belief in the importance of the role CBK Brokerage undertakes in serving its customers, qualified staff have been attracted in order to select a professional team that is able to obtain customers’ satisfaction, help them achieve their goals and develop their investments to the satisfaction of their ambition. CBK Brokerage is distinguished by adopting an integrated electronic trading system that provides lucid and secure services to our valued customers, who deal with our various services with confidence, satisfaction and reassurance. It is through the solid relationship we are building with our customers, which is growing stronger day by day, that we strive to help in achieving their ambitions. Our ultimate goal is to serve our customers to the fullest.

Al-Tijari Paid-Up Capital

Al-Tijari capital amounts of KWD 10,300,000 (Kuwait Dinars Ten Million & Three Hundred Thousand), distributed amongst 103,000,000 shares, the value of each share is KWD 0.100, The shares are cash.

Major Shareholders

Al-Tijari Commercial Bank of Kuwait (KSC): 93.550%

Securities Group - Client Account: 4.605%